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The Grid portfolio is an image exploration where the negative space creates the illusion of physical depth, visual vibration and color shift.  The viewer is influenced by viewing angle and changing lighting conditions.


Visions are the results of charting of color, shape and line that come together as form.  As one's thoughts exist in a multi-dimensional reality so do the visions/images.  The image changes with the viewer's emotion and environmental experiences.


Not all my photographs are suitable for a multi-layered presentation such as those found in the Grid and Mindscape Galleries.  The Traditional gallery contains photo presentations of images that I felt were complete in themselves without further exploration or abstraction.


Transferring a photo/abstraction to fabric
adds a new dimension to the images' light,
color and movement.  Seeing a human
form interact with the image creates new,
exciting and random combinations of color
that further enhances the wearable visual texture.  

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